Meria With Patricia Cori -Hacking the God Code – Episode 3

2/22/23 Meria With Patricia Cori – Hacking the God Code -Episode 3.

3rd Episode of :”Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul”with Patricia Cori. Is there a war on America? No coincidences; War in underway, Armageddon; Putin/Biden; explosions, attacks; no one calling for peace; Nueralink and Musk; Satanic Agenda right in the open; Sirians our creators along with 12 other star races; what happened to our 12 strands of DNA? Annunaki still here and running the show; aliens were here before us, we’re the invaders; evolution; Atlantis; Earth is an extraordinary University for our soul; the Moon & Mars; UFO’s -test run? Roswell; the Nordics; predictive programming; goal is to enslave us on a cellular level with AI and lots more.




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