Meria With The News

6/1/23 Meria With the News Earth is sick; climate change & insurance; hotel worker strike; Danny Masterson convicted of rape; other GOP candidates; trump’s hush money case; babies for old Italians; people crime; cop crime; DNA in [...]

Meria with Patricia Cori – Episode 5 of “Hacking the God Code”

5/2/23 Meria With Patricia Cori -Episode 5 of “Hacking The God Code” This show is dedicated to my sister Rose Rubino who passed over yesterday; AI is all over the news now that the horse is out of the barn; How do we pull the plug [...]

Meria With Patricia Cori -Hacking the God Code – Episode 3

2/22/23 Meria With Patricia Cori – Hacking the God Code -Episode 3. 3rd Episode of :”Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul”with Patricia Cori.┬áIs there a war on America? No coincidences; War in underway, [...]

Meria with Patricia Cori, author of Hacking The God Code

11/30/22 Meria Interviews author Patricia Cori on her latest (excellent) book: “Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul“. Part One. The most important book of our time; What is the “God Code”? our [...]