Meria With Dr. Neal Barnard “The Cheese Trap”

3/8/23 Meria With Dr.Neal Barnard “The Cheese Trap”

Eye opening show about cheese with Dr. Neal Barnard founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, on his latest book “The Cheese Trap How Breakig a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight,Gain Energy and Get Healthy”. Why you become addicted to cheese and it is an addiction; dairy is  unhealthy things packed together; Saturated fat and hormones; breast and prostate cancer and milk; plant based milks; soy; tofu; 37 pounds of cheese a yr – 70,000 calories; “it is” is inflammation; narcotic quality of dairy; American diet and American diseases; GE Rennet; fertility at risk; Obesity; Alzheimers and more.




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