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JACK BOOT COPS GO WILD – Welcome to AmeriKa, America R.I.P.


This is the most DISGUSTING example of what has become of America. Police are out of control. They learned this “acceptable” behavior from the actions of their superiors all the way up to the President of the United States – thanks to the George W. Idiot Administration¬† breaking both national and international law to get his “war” on. The war he admitted to Tony Bennett was a mistake.

When WE THE PEOPLE realize we pay the salaries of these psychopathic Un-American SWINE and outnumber them, the playing field will look entirely different. So Wikileaks and Anonymous post the names and addresses of these swine online? They should get an award for doing so.

I am ASHAMED to think this is what my beloved country has become. If you still think you have freedoms and the Bill of Rights or Constitution means anything anymore, maybe this video will open your mind.



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  1. Kurt Lovvorn says:

    Awesome to hear your new site will be coming out soon. This guy in the video at the end looks weird with the flickering of the video.

    Keep up the great work your doing.

    Thanks so much.

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