Meria with Ellen Brown -The Great Reset Rolls On

9/9/20 Meria interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, Author, Chair of the Public Banking Institute on the global reset. What’s going on in Australia and why the world needs to pay attention; “no jab, no pay”; the vaccine; China’s [...]

Meria with Robert Wheeler, CPA on The Money Nerve

10/8/14 Meria interviews Robert Wheeler, CPA on his book “The Money Nerve, Navigating the Emotions of Money”. ┬áIf you don’t think your emotions are in play where money is concerned, think again;triggers when it comes to money;don’t [...]

Meria With Catherine Austin Fitts

4/1/14 Meria Interviews Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari. Former Asst.Housing Secretary under Bush Sr, Editor of Solari.Bank movement July 2004 – WWJD? shunning is very powerful; how to find a local bank;consciousness of money/banking [...]