Meria With Catherine Austin Fitts


4/1/14 Meria Interviews Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari. Former Asst.Housing Secretary under Bush Sr, Editor of Solari.Bank movement July 2004 – WWJD? shunning is very powerful; how to find a local bank;consciousness of money/banking is changing; Snowden;$40 trillion missing from bailouts between 1994-2008- where’s the money? Black budget-invisible weaponry-space programs; who’s paying for global spraying?Shadow Govt renders world leaders powerless; non-participation; the slow burn; fraud now hitting middle & upper middle class; 2 billion wired; Do you believe your soul immortal or not? What we can do; educate others;budget your time; delete the negatives in your life;boost up your health;save time-save money; get radical about your health;invest in yourself-continue learning;stop financing your enemy and lots more.





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7 Responses to "Meria With Catherine Austin Fitts"

  1. kvorr says:

    What a cool lady! And what a great laugh she has. I’d love to see her as a new co-host!

  2. Meria says:

    thanks, got tons of great compliments on the show! She’ll be back and it won’t take 8 years!

  3. lil_devil_04217 says:

    I may have shared this before, but here it goes again. Back in 1985, a friend of mine and I were driving to Tucson from Maine and we stopped into a small, quaint little Mid-West town and went to a local tavern for a cold one.We had driven down Main St. and noticed it was like a time warp – Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker type of thing and there was a single store for every specific need and a General store. My friend and I commented on how nice it was to see a town from a great era, Victorian houses, kept flower gardens etc. – this was the 80’s mind you – Big Box stores didn’t exist and Mom and Pop were still hanging on – when an old man wearing a WWII Veteran hat at the end of the bar says ‘That’s because ‘THE WAL-MART’ hasn’t come yet’. And the woman looked horrified and he sounded like it was a NUCLEAR BOMB coming to town. The lady bartender told us in hushed tones about ‘Wal-Mart’, and to just go three towns over and check it out. We said ‘Thanks’, but little did we know…We get to this town and Meria it was like a mini Detroit – graffiti, trash, abandoned houses and businesses, drunken crackheads and dogs roaming the streets, The Whole Deal. And that was Main St.! We then came up to this huge Shit-Plex called ‘Wal-Mart’ and the parking lot was full and crazy vibes just oozed from the place so we hit the off-ramp and sped away.The other thing the bartender said was as we were parting – ‘..And their town was prettier than ours before ‘The Wal-Mart’, which sounded like ‘The Plague’.

  4. Meria says:

    it is a plague and neutron bomb to any community it hits. Thus I don’t and never have supported it.

  5. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Great tips. I was busy taking notes throughout the whole interview. I would love for you to have her back to share some more ideas on ways to shut down the financing of our enemies. You have been touting non-participation for years, which I have also adopted in my life, but I am positive there are many more ways to to achieve this that haven’t yet occurred to me. And, of course, as with anything else, when I start doing something, I tell EVERYONE with whom I come in contact. Maybe 90% of my rants fall on deaf ears, but that means that there is a nice chunky 10% awake and listening….and willing to implement new ideas in their own lives, who will also be telling everyone with whom THEY come in contact.

  6. Meria says:

    she’ll be back, probably in July.

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