Meria With Marino Amoruso – Italians in America

9/9/09 Meria Interviews Producer Marino Amoruso on his excellent film “Pride & Passion: The Italians In America“. Italians were stricken out of American history; how the media portrays Italians; discovery and founding of America; Americo Vespucci – America named for him; Verrazano discovered Manhattan; Henry Fonda – family came over in 1600’s; Bruce Springsteen; 10% of Washington’s army were Italians; 2 Italian signers on the Declaration of Independence; Filippo Mazea & Thomas Jefferson; Monticello – little mountain in Italian; JFK on Mazzea; Washington,DC built by Italian artisans/builders; peasant food; respect in Italian culture; stereotype; who established/back Hollywood? BOA began as the Bank of Italy; Italians in internment camps during WW2; prejudice against Italians; The Ellis Island experience; 1 million Italians killed in Holocaust; how much did we lose? Famous Italians you may or may not know: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joe DiMaggio; Italians in sports and so much more. Where is any of this in our history books?


Italians in America (Meria too!)

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