Solid Golden Oldie: Meria With Dr. Helen Caldicott – Real Nuclear Danger

It's a Miracle This Hasn't Happened Yet

12/11/10 From the Golden Vault of great shows with Meria Heller, today you are able to hear the show Meria did on her 2nd anniversary of her online show 7/31/02. This show is with Dr.Helen Caldicott on her excellent (albeit scary) book “The New Nuclear Danger, George W. Bush’s Military Industrial Complex”. You’ve heard Meria refer to this show often and now it is here for you to listen to. Meria cannot forget what she read in this book almost 8 years ago. This is a stellar interview and an important part of your education. Enjoy.


This revised edition includes a new introduction that outlines the costs of operation Iraqi Freedom, details the companies profiting from the war and subsequent reconstruction, and chronicles the rampant conflicts of interest among members of the Bush administration who also have a financial stake in weapons manufacturing. After eight printings in the original edition, The New Nuclear Danger remains a singularly persuasive antidote to war and its horrific costs.

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2 Responses to "Solid Golden Oldie: Meria With Dr. Helen Caldicott – Real Nuclear Danger"

  1. maureen o'brien says:

    I was too chickenshit to watch this one right after FUBAR-Shima because Dr. Caldicott’s interviews in the past have had to be very scientific and tidy, more than likely because she’s a WOMAN (Gawd Forbid!’) . That scares me because she’s dead on, and we’d all somewhat complacently hoped that ‘Post-Cold War’ America had no intention of furthering the Nuclear (Newklur) Agenda. Wrong! This interview has to be #1 because it is THE most prophetic one of all, and since ‘9/11 Synchronicity’ came up on the shows this week, this one is on the Crazy Chart! Made nearly 10 years ago, uploaded on Dec.11th, then Sendai on March 11th – 3 months lather,to the day? Wow! Helen was as I’ve never heard heard before – ‘Nuclear Cult’? Eyeballs melting from your face? My favorite – The Coroner worried about embalming a nuked person – you -‘Least of his problems’ – I almost fell out of my chair because this stuff is so sick, so stupid and so twisted that speaking about it in a sane way is hilarious. We have devolved to this. I’m pretty sure that she was the first one to say ‘The United States of America has the nuclear capability to blow up the Planet Earth 69 times. It only takes once, don’t you think?’ She needs to come back – soon!

  2. Meria says:

    Yes, to date it’s the scariest book I’ve ever read. Love to get her back on the show.

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