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Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

12/6/11 Meria interviews Aaron Kaplan a second time on his book “Deep Analysis,Frightening Conclusion“.  Stargates, artifacts in Iraq; Sitchin’s playing cards; giant structures built in Iraq by US – why? why 45′ [...]

Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

   11/1/11  Meria interviews author Aaron Kaplan on his book “Deep Analysis, Frightening Conclusion“. Aaron is a former 35 yr employee of the aerospace/aircraft industry as well as an author. Long time student of UFOlogy Aaron [...]
Joseph & Meria

Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony

10/5/11 Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony.Comet hit the Sun? UFOs around the Sun? crop circles indicating changes to the Sun; underground civilizations; Uranus-youth awakening and taking action; Pluto-transformation of gov’t [...]

Meria With Dr.Jack Pruett -The Grandest Deception-the Annunaki

8/31/11 Meria interviews Dr. Jack Pruett on his book “The Grandest Deception”. Think you know the Bible? Sitchin’s work? Today we stretch your mind around the founders of the slave race on Earth and their descendants who still [...]

Meria With Hehpsehboah – Prophecies

3/2/11 Meria Heller interviews Hehpsehboah, the Saoshyant on her prophecies and work. The Pacific ring of fire and the Haldron Collider. How much devastation on the planet is being caused by the Haldron Collider? Live mindfully – with [...]