Meria With Michael Horn-Billy Meier Prophecies


10/21/14 Meria interviews Michael Horn, American Media Representative for Billy Meier on his latest film “He Warned The People, And Did They Listen?“. Let Michael know you are a listener with”Meria” in your order and get a 2nd movie free; Who is Billy Meier? visited since he was 5 years old (77 now);humans in another star system; why suppressed? Classic UFO daytime photos/videos; 26,000 published papers;prophetically accurate information 50 yrs earlier; 22 attempts on his life;info could be destabilizing to the controllers; suicidal success for planet Earth? Henoch Prophecies; can prophecies be prevented?1951 prophecies (happened); 1958-computers, cell phones,AIDS and more. Predictions different than prophecies;ebola epidemic predicted;2 coming US civil wars? Will there be WW3? is their collusion between aliens and governments? holograms in use; climate change; HAARP’s damage;militaristic insanity;religious delusions;Plejarens; 800 yrs of difficulties? Obama; Mothers of the millennium; and much more.







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2 Responses to "Meria With Michael Horn-Billy Meier Prophecies"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Thank you for this fantastic show. I have already ordered Michael’s newest DVD. I have read and seen information about Billy Meier, and it was wonderful to hear Michael talk about some of the predictions that he has made. I am quite sure that for some people this subject is difficult to accept, but I know from some place deep inside of me that these are truths. I just hope that more people will pay attention to what he is saying. If not, the consequences could prove to be devastating.

  2. Meria says:

    you are more than welcome. Scary stuff indeed.

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