Meria With Ellen Brown – The Public Banking Solution

 2/25/14 Meria Interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, Candidate for Treasurer in Calif on Green Party Ticket on her latest book “The Public Banking Solution”. Recent bankers deaths – LIBOR?fraud?fear?; what happened to Jerry Brown? [...]

Meria With Ellen Brown, Atty on Economic Issues

5/8/13 Meria interviews Ellen Brown, Atty, Chairman of The Public Banking Institute, author of 11 books on bail-ins, bail-outs and the safety of our money. What is money? Whatever our govt says it is; Can our economy be fixed? Who can fix it? [...]
Ellen Brown, Attorney

Meria With Ellen Brown – No Bailout for Main Street

2/1/11 Meria Heller interviews Ellen Brown, attorney and author of “Web Of Debt“. “The Federal Reserve was set up by Wall Street FOR Wall Street; no bailout for the States or Main Street,USA; $12.3 TRILLION  advanced to the [...]
Ellen Brown, author "Web of Debt"

Meria With Ellen Brown, J.D. – Our Govt in the Banking Business!

4/7/10 Meria interviews Ellen Brown J.D.,attorney and author of “Web of Debt” on her recent work “Student Loans, Government Officially in the Banking Business”. the right to coin money; the Federal Reserve; forced health insurance and [...]