Solid Gold: Meria with Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr -Nuclear Danger

7/16/13 Solid Gold today on the #1 problem on Earth that NO ONE talks about. This show was aired originally on 6/1/05 and still stands out. Get to hear what doing a live show was like back then when the Meria Show was 5 yrs young. Opening song [...]

Meria With Glenn Walp, Ph.D on the Security Dangers at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

10/18/11 Meria Interviews Glenn A.Walp, Ph.D, in Law Enforcement/Security  for decades on his excellent expose’ “Implosion At Los Alamos:How Crime, Corruption and Cover Ups Jeopardize America’s Nuclear Weapons Secret”.  [...]
Fukishima still Happening

Meria With Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D on Fukishima Disaster

10/4/11 Meria interviews Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D, President of The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research on the ongoing Fukishima crisis; download his free book on his site; radioactive releases have gone down; plutonium and strontium [...]
Blackwater works for Monsanto!

Organic Transitions with Meria & Ronnie Cummins

5/24/11 Latest “Organic Transitions” with Meria & Ronnie Cummins, President of Organic Consumers Organization. Mexican drug cartels; 40,000 Mexicans killed the last few years; the war on drugs is replacing the war on terrorism; [...]

Meria With Damon Moglen – The Nuclear Crisis in Japan

4/6/11  Meria speaks with Damon Moglen, director of climate and energy project with Friends of the Earth about the nuclear meltdown in Japan. The true cost of nuclear power;the nuclear industry in Japan and USA; worse nuclear disaster in history;Chernobyl’s [...]