Meria Delivers The News

3/7/13 Meria Delivers The News: New campaign against AIPAC; BP to pay more; Mother Teresa -saint? Hugo Chavez “death”; Berlusconi jail time; walkout at UN; Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster; Taiwan earthquake; homeless rise in [...]
War Criminals

Meria With Pamela Senzee and the News

9/3/12 Meria With the News: Show starts off with Pamela Senzee and Rena Patty, two gals bicycling across America for 9/11 Truth. We are living the consequences of 9/11 without a real investigation, thus their trip and what you can do to help. [...]

Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood

10/26/11 Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood. Jack’s tying the knot; The Occupy movement; Amy Winehouse death; vaccines -opt out; testing anthrax vaccines on our children; Essiac and cancer; Steves Jobs and alternative medicine- [...]
Heads Up!

Meria With the News

9/19/11 Meria with the News: 6.5 TONS of space junk falling this week; earthquake reports; Reno plane crash; Palestinian State/UN/US; Somali’s starving; Boehner’s regrets; Britain changes law to suit Israel; Germany’s nuke [...]

Meria With the News

9/12/11 Meria’s take on the news: UK’s weapons sales to Gaddafi; Egypt vs. Israel and US threats; Japan and Obama’s flight plans; Nuke plant explosion in France;BOA to cut 30,000 jobs; earthquakes; notes from listeners; Tanzanian [...]