Meria With Donald Jeffries: Hidden History


3/31/15 Meria interviews Donald Jeffries on his excellent book “Hidden History,An Expose’ of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups In American Politics”. From the murder of JFK (the mother of all conspiracies) to Barack Obama, Don leaves nothing out. Get this before the 2016 election of another Bush or Clinton. What made the Kennedy family so different? So threatening? the posthumous assassination of JFK;the failure of mainstream media to do it’s job; all liars;why we must keep the internet free;the loss of personal freedoms in such a short time;Collier Brothers;Katherine Harris;stolen elections;bought elections;Presidential rapists:Reagan,Bush,Clinton;the death of Vince Foster; the body count of several presidents and it continues;Gary Webb; where does the money go with charities? Bono’s bogus charity;Huxley & Orwell and so much more.








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3 Responses to "Meria With Donald Jeffries: Hidden History"

  1. Meria says:

    Fabulous Show on Hidden History
    But shall We Clear up a little Mystery?

    Kafka Depicted an Insane Bureaucracy
    Orwell, a Totalitarian Theocracy
    Huxley Told Us a psychotropic Nightmare
    & Ray Bradbury that the Books would Flare.

    But What of the Vatican System,
    A Supertanker We are told could Never Sink?
    We are told it is Eternal,
    Or at least We are made to Think.

    But there was once, another Ship
    That would forever Sail the Seas.
    It was Called The Titanic;
    It Sank Like A Brick. – Andy

  2. michaelm says:

    This was a great show Meria. I have to admit I learned quite a bit listening to it, and have placed an order for his book. Thank you.

  3. Meria says:

    thank you! I thought so too! hugs

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