Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan – Laurel Canyon continues

Who Was Henry Fonda?

7/23/08 New episode of “Send In the Clowns” with Meria & Dave. Response to the series on Laurel Canyon; “Programmed to Kill”; the Young Turks; John Denver died on 10/12; Dennis Hopper; Nicholson still lives west of the Canyon; Military Intell families; Henry Fonda’s “suicided” wives – who was his 3rd wife? Bruce Dern family history; Who is Jack Nicholson? Jerry Kay and the Solar Lodge; Aleister Crowley’s Solar Lodge; caged boy – the Tate murders; Roman Polanski, what did he escape? His association with Anton LeVey, Founder of the Church of Satan; Who was Sharon Tate’s dad? Dennis Hopper – a psychopath?; Michele Philips; married on Halloween, divorced 8 days later; The Monkees and their allure in Laurel Canyon; Billy Bryars – Male Madam; The Rand Corp; Toss in the neo cons, PNAC into Laurel Canyon too.


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