Meria With David Blume -Alcohol Can Be A Gas

David Blume, American Genius

1/12/09 Meria wraps up her 4th show with permaculturist David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“. flex-fuel works! starve the oil companies, buy alcohol; Is you car set up to use it? carbeurators vs fuel injection; for stations in the U.S. see his site; MTBE – carbon monoxide – is it in your water? oil shale – tar sands- rock- any good? toxic ash – where would it go? Tennessee’s coal ash spill – toxic and radioactive; no clean coal; greenhouse gases and radioactive toxins; mercury & coal; plug in cars; permit to make alcohol; is nuclear energy “clean”? 4 1/2 billion yr.  life of nuclear waste; Love Canal; private auto =capitalist profit; India & China’s need for trucks; waste as fuel; ethanol, methanol, butanol; using ethanol for cooking fuel and lots more. Meria feels this book is a MUST for every library.


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