Meria With Ed Haslam – Dr.Mary’s Monkey

5/26/09 Meria Interviews Ed Haslam, author of the fabulous book “Dr.Mary’s Monkey“. Ed’s been in the middle of this story his whole life; what you hear will shock you; monkey viruses and cancer in labs in the 1950s and 1960’s; AIDS – a monkey virus; Mary Sherman-David Ferrie & Lee Harvey Oswald; the polio vaccine of the 1950’s and monkey cells and viruses; SV40 – simian virus; the brutal murder of Dr. Mary Sherman-why and how? who is Dr. Ochsner the CIA, anti-communist guy? Fidel’s revolution and New Orleans; Ochsner and the polio vaccine; Tulane Medical School; the Cutter incident; Salk’s vaccine WITHDRAWN; Sabin’s vaccine – contaminated with SV40 – one of the viruses was CANCER; 1959-200 million doses of vaccine with cancer causing virus in it; the cancer epidemic; forced vaccines – end of freedom; Jim Garrison – what did he know? the secret lab in New Orleans; the linear particle excelerator; Judith Vary Baker – Oswalds girlfriend – the witness who participated in the secret lab in David Ferrie’s apartment; bio weapon to kill Castro; Jack Ruby & Ferrie; Ruby’s cancer; David Atlee Phillips – the JFK assassination; Did the Tulane story lead to the assassination? soft tissue cancers and the polio vaccine; anthrax – Ft. Detrick; and so much more.


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