Meria With Russ Baker – “Family of Secrets, the Bush Dynasty”

6/25/09 Meria interviews Russ Baker on his excellent book “Family of Secrets, the Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces that Put It In The White House, And What Their Influence Means For America”. The internet and education; the mass media shutout of his book; W’s improbable rise; Kerry’s military record vs. W’s; Hidden powers behind the presidency; Watergate and George H.W. Bush; the “narrative” of Jr & Sr Bush; Bush CIA since 1953; who really runs our country? George H.W. Bush doesn’t RECALL where he was when JFK was assassinated; CIA-Hoover and Bush Memo; George H.W.’s alibi on 11/22/63; Barbara Bush’s alibi letter on that day; George DeMorenschildt and Oswald and Bush; LBJ & The Bushes; LBJ on the JFK assassination; Setting up Nixon for Watergate; Allen Dulles part in our history; Prescott Bush; David Atlee Phillips, Howard Hunt & John Dean; CIA always out of control; who pushed Bush onto Nixon? Bush’s “ranch” (bought in 1999, sold after leaving office); Karl Rove & Poppy Bush in 1973; W’s abortions – deserter-druggie and lies; Bush’s Iraq plan 1999; Saudi’s and Bushes; Warren Commission cover-up; Wall Street still leads the President and so much more.


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