Meria With John Hankey – “Dark Legacy-George Bush & the Murder of JFK”

7/15/09 John Hankey, producer joins Meria to discuss his latest film “Dark Legacy, George Bush And the Murder of John Kennedy“. Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets collaborates with this film rather nicely; Mark Lane’s work on JFK; Bush’s CIA connections go back to the 1950’s; The Hoover Memo; Why JFK? JFK’s speech at the U.N. – Eisenhower’s speech; the military budget and the power of the military-industrial complex – murdered JFK; disbanding the CIA; friendly with Cuba; didn’t side with the Mafia; the media’s part – lies and cover up; Who’s footprint on the assassination? body stolen and altered- who could do that? LBJ & Madeline Brown; Bush Sr. can’t “recall” where he was that day; Bush’s “alibi”; JFK Jr and W; Where was W that day? Killers write history FBI and surgery of the head before autopsy; Dr. Humes; different caskets; stand downs on 9/11/01 and 11/22/63; why did the driver slow down? Who directed the Secret Service? MLKs murder and the FBI shooters; many shooters in Dallas; why people ran towards the grassy knoll; Jennings & Rather’s lies; Oswald – FBI agent; David Atlee Philips – recruited Oswald; Howard Hunt’s involvement and more.


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