Meria With Alfred Webre – Exopolitics


Alfred Webre

Meria Heller interviews futurist and author Alfred Lambremont Webre of “Exopolitics, Politics, Government and Law in the Universe“. Is the oil spill intentional? Rico Laws and false flags; environmental war; money from misery;9/11 false flag; April 20th a busy day in history; Halliburton’s corporate takeover of Boots & Coots; disaster capitalism; geo-political agenda; depopulation exercise; Katrina – a test run; Illuminati tarot 1995; DARPA whistleblowers; Project Pegasus; time travel; future helping the past; 2045-positive future; time travel; Rumsfeld; ecocide; alien abductions; reptilian hybrids; JP Morgan Chase big investor in BP; Halliburtons FEMA camps; teleportation; earth in quarantine; we live in a multi-universe; Alfred in 1971 an enemy of the state; time travel for political surveillance; accessing the time-space hologram; how to break the quarantine and reintegrate with the Universe and much more.


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