Meria With Dr. Andrew Wakefield -Autism and Vaccines!


Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Hero

Meria Heller interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield,MB,BS,FRCS,FRCPath. Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the UK and much more for taking on big Pharma and exposing the truth about the MMR vaccine and autism. We discuss his excellent book “Callous Disregard, Autism and Vaccines-The Truth Behind a Tragedy” today. Big pharma vs. the truth; autism “experts” vs a gastroenterologist; autism is now a pandemic; 4-5 million children in China with autism; food allergies up – GE/GMO food? MMR vaccine; Gardasil; doctors told they cannot question vaccines; Can’t question the CDC; commercial imperatives drive this; safety vs. cost & profit; vaccine chemicals and the immune system; holistic approach to healing; is the MMR safe? Found guilty of callous disregard, for doing the research? HHS in U.S. settling cases on autism since 1991; helping and treating autistic kids; maternal instincts-most powerful force in the world; take responsibility; what you can do to stay healthy; the H1N1 vaccine – hyping another disease for profit; highly recommend this interview and the book too!


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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I have been following this research for years (thanks to Meria) and have noticed what a gigantic push there has been to discount it is credible. Isn’t it interesting that people are willing to discount Dr. Wakefield because the drug companies and their toady alphabet agencies say his science is faulty and “only” anecdotal? For me, that is all the more reason to embrace his hypothesis.

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