Solid Gold: Meria With Nafeez Ahmed -The War on Freedom

Nafeez Ahmed, Political Scientist

12/28/10 Out of the vault of solid gold comes an interview with Meria Heller and Nafeez Ahmed from 5/30/02! This is less than a year after 9/11/01 and the experts were on it then, and still are. We discuss his book “The War on Freedom” and his take on 9/11/01. Cheney said it was outrageous that any of us dare question 9/11; Project Bojinka; Who were warned not to fly that day? Who benefits? the gas reserves in Afghanistan and encircling Central Asia; What and when did Bush know? What happened to “standard operating procedure” that day? planes flew at 1/2 speed; Israeli “art” students were spies; war on terror? Al Queda a U.S. creation that was used to pull it off, backed by Saudi Arabia & Pakistan and factions inside the govt; advanced warnings were VERY specific; and much more. These are FACTS we can never forget living in a post – 9/11 world.


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  1. mysticjanet says:

    The farther you get away from the event, the more the possibilities become clearer. That the root of story came from convicted criminal of 1993 alleged bombing of the World Trade Center shows the likelihood that information was planted through him so they could pretend the idea came from Al Queda.
    What a bill of goods we were sold.
    Also Shipper being on Alex Jones, sends up a big red flag of wanting to add what they wanted in the conspiracy realm.
    Blessings, mysticJanet

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