Solid Gold: Meria with Kitty Kelley on the Bush Dynasty


10/20/15 After 10 years finally able to reconstruct this fabulous interview with Kitty Kelley on her book “The Family.The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty”. Her own family gave her crap over the book; lost her job on the Washingtonian because the book was too much personal information on the Bush family. McCarthyism. Opens with “Frat Boy” by the Compassionate Conservatives back in the day. This show was originally aired August 16, 2005. Prescott Bush – most principled member of the political Bush family! George H.W.Bush -amoral right winger; changing war story; America’s “class system”;womanizing George HW Bush;Jennifer Fitzgerald;Bill Clinton;Trading with the enemy; “family values”;ends of separation of Church & State apparent; Laura Bush; Hillary;loads more.







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2 Responses to "Solid Gold: Meria with Kitty Kelley on the Bush Dynasty"

  1. ScottHall says:

    Very revealing interview Meria. Even with 10 years gone by, you really discuss the present regarding the haunting past. Most all of us were bamboozled by 9/11, unless you saw Building 7 go down @ 5:23 that afternoon. Here, the deceit by the media of a tragic event and a family goes very deep. It’s exactly how the corporate media hides the truth today.
    It’s also amazing how no one from the Bush family has disputed Kitty’s book, much like David Ickes’ books. This is an automatic verification of the truth.
    The most telling part of your interview is the “divide and rule” mechanism of our political system, along with the religious element W used to influence the American psyche. The racial element, aristocratic lifestyles and political influence is a “no surprise” point. The surprising part of this family saga is that the mass majority of the people are still stuck in this mindset.
    And here we are, just today, sending A-10 “tank busters” to support the rebels in Syria. This is going to end up very badly. Opposing powers’ agendas in the line of fire is an absolute formula for disaster.
    Thank you Meria! An extremely sharp “past” realization of how the “set up” is playing out today.

  2. Meria says:

    thank you. My shows hold up after all these years and I’m proud of that. It’s all theater and bad theater at that….

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