Meria With Abraham Bolden – The Echo From Dealey Plaza

7/3/12 Meria interviews Abraham Bolden, the very first African American Secret Serviceman hand picked by JFK on his EXCELLENT book : The Echo From Dealey Plaza”. Obama’s Secret Service scandal in the Philippines and the same behavior during JFK’s term; The continuing practice of the Secret Service guard detail; Pioneer for racial justice; Other attempts on JFK prior to Dallas; the Secret Service is to blame for the assassination due to their lack of professionalism; Partying is routine within the Secret Service; How Abraham met JFK and got hired by him; going backwards as a nation ever since, entering a total police state; Abraham’s prophetic visions and spirituality; Railroaded into prison for what he knew; first African American whistleblower; “suffering is the greatest teacher a man can have”; “fear is a neutralizing thing”; the Secret Service referred to as “the Playboy Club”; Secret Service partying at a strip club the night before the assassination; missing/lost ID of a Secret Serviceman; the agent and the grassy knoll; and so much more. Abraham is an American HERO. I highly recommend his book.





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9 Responses to "Meria With Abraham Bolden – The Echo From Dealey Plaza"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi Meria,
    Great interview with Abraham Bolden. I have not yet ordered his book so it was great to hear you do a wonderful synopsis of it. I was very surprised to hear of his psychic visions and I immediately thought of my own visions some of which have come true. Mr. Bolden sounds like an extremely wonderful gentleman. With that said however I have to point out some things with which I disagree.
    Prior to this show I had heard Mr. Bolden interviewed on another show. The host asked him if he would have given his life to save Kennedy and he said, “Yes.”
    Why do we respect and hold in awe such an unnatural attitude? We are each the highest being in our own life. To be willing to sacrifice our life to save the life of any politician speaks of the highest disrespect for one’s own glorious self. It is a robot mentality. It is the mentality of the ant or other insect that one is willing to die for the supposed benefit of the hive. It is the mentality of the Japanese Kamikaze pilot. I think it is like crapping in one’s own pants, slapping yourself in the face, or devaluing your heart chakra. It certainly does not seem American, natural, spiritual or even sane to be willing to die for another person, (with the exception of one’s own children. I could write much about that but it would take too much space)
    Mr. Bolden said that they are really protecting the Constitution of the United States, not the president. If they are protecting the Constitution, they should be arresting Obama, Bush, Clinton, Ford, Johnson, and others because they have all been traitors in so many ways. I could go on and on but in summary I respect and honor Bolden as a man. As a government agent he is totally misguided as are almost all government thugs no matter how high their so-called ideals.
    Oh one more thing. If Secret Service agents are willing to voluntarily die to protect a president, how dare me or you or even other agents like Bolden begrudge their foibles! If they want to get drunk or go out and get laid, they deserve it! Is anyone else willing to step in front of a bullet in order to protect an undeserving whore of a politician? They should be allowed to party to their heart’s content if that’s what they desire. They have sworn to die if necessary to protect a political whore. Why should they not be allowed to indulge themselves in every conceivable way? All the best, Eddie.

  2. Meria says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show. His spirituality took him out of the biz (you’ll have to read the book). As for giving his life for the Prez, that’s the job. They know that going in. He was in his 20’s when this happened, and like myself obviously not fully awake yet. The SS can do what they want when they are OFF, not when they are on duty.

  3. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi again Meria,

    Not to beat a dead horse, I still have some misgivings about the idea of their job whether going in or staying in. If someone volunteers to die for anyone, that indicates to me a profound lack of self respect. The Secret Service guys are in effect saying, “I’m a completely worthless sack of shit. But you’re a shiny president so I’ll gladly die for you and in so doing lick the boots of the public.” It was Einstein who said something like world peace begins when young people refuse to join the military. The Secret Service Kamikaze squads are the epitome of the military mentality that says, “Sir! Yes sir! Please let me take a bullet for you, sir!” I think the world would be a better place if the politicians had no protection at all. Let all the filthy fuckers get their brains blown out by the angry voters!
    And whether on duty or off duty the Secret Service in my opinion have no self-respect. If they did they would not volunteer to die for shiny suit ass-kissing politicians. Without self-respect what else can be expected but complete debauchery with drugs, alcohol, whores and wild parties on or off duty? Bye the way if I were president I certainly would not want a woman secret service agent protecting me. I think women are too smart and too ruthless to lay down their own life just for the sake of macho pride. Only men are stupid enough to be willing to die in order to look good and not be perceived as a pussy. When the shooting starts the SS men will stand up and take the bullets, the smarter women will say, “I’m outta here baby. You can get shot. I’m going home in one piece.” All the best, Eddie.

  4. Meria says:

    Eddie, there have been bodyguards with all different types of names attached to them since time began. If someone is stupid enough to take the job, they know the deal. The Secret Service, FBI, CIA are no different than each other. Sybil Edmonds book is another eye opener. We’ve got mostly idiots and incompetents “protecting” us. The more you know, the worse it is.

  5. micamaa says:

    Hello Meria, I just heard this interview today (7/25/16) and I am so moved by Mr. Abraham Bolden’s integrity and saddened by his suffering at the hands of the powers that be for that very integrity. I always learn so much by listening to your programs. Thank you Meria, for the work you do to educate and inspire us.

  6. Meria says:

    Yes, there have always been real heroes among us, but they don’t make out too well. Glad you enjoyed it, I did too.

  7. finnula says:

    I echo the words of micamaa. I just listened to this today, with a combination of smile on my face and tear in my eye. Meria, you’re the best. Almost every book I read these days is one you have led me to. Such a treasure trove. Please keep it up!

  8. Meria says:

    thank you! Yes it’s one of my favorites for sure. Lovely and sad. I intend to keep it up! stay tuned…

  9. chuck says:

    Mr. Bolden should be given a pardon , medal and apology. That’s just for openers

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