Meria With Dr. Deborah Forrest – Dementia Epidemic


6/4/13 Meria interviews Dr. Deborah Forrest on her latest book dealing with dementia and Alzheimers “Touch the Spirit: Connecting to the Inner World of Dementia”. Available June 15 on site and Amazon; What is dementia? How does it differ from Alzheimer’s? Is it a “normal” page of aging? How to prevent it; different forms of dementia and causes; dementia figures worldwide; exercise your brain as well as your body; the importance of staying positive and stress free; the neuro-chemicals of stress; dementia cases to triple the next twenty yrs; living alone with dementia; caregivers as heroes; communicating on a spiritual level through the arts and heart; “the heart has ears”; are they out of body by choice? how to help the patient and the caregiver; an excellent book.




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3 Responses to "Meria With Dr. Deborah Forrest – Dementia Epidemic"

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Meria: Thank you for having Dr. Deborah Forrest on your show. I found the topic concerning ‘Dementia’ to be very important, interesting and to some extent, it seems to be ‘somewhat’ of an enigma to me.

    I applaud Dr. Forrest for her published work in this field particularly since she lives with her own personal concerns as it relates to her own life. So many important points were mentioned in this broadcast about dementia such as: It is not a normal part of aging; how the importance of older people staying engaged in meaningful activities thwarts the potential onset of; how maintaining a healthy diet deters the potential onset of dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions, as well as routine exercise etc.

    It is so interesting Meria, as I was listening to the broadcast I was thinking about my own thoughts concerning the symptoms commonly associated with this type of condition. I have always thought: “You know, I think people “sometimes” get to a point when they simply don’t wish to remember whatever—a mistake or some mistakes they perhaps made; painful experiences; failed relationships; unfulfilled dreams etc. As a result they escape in their minds.” Why not? They’re older, they have, in many instances, nothing inspiring to look forward to, so they detach. This is very sad, but it makes sense to me.

    Then you mentioned the same thing Meria. I thought: “Yes! See, Meria has even considered this. I am not alone. My father always thinks better and responds with less delay when he reads regularly. So I usually buy him books as gifts.

    It was encouraging to hear you and Dr. Forrest discuss why communities should begin to form their own organizations which puts a system in place to assist people who suffer from these symptoms who live alone.

    With complete respect to Dr. Forrest, I simply want to mention, as some people might know, correlations have been comprehensively made about long term use of cholesterol lowering medications and neurodegenerative conditions; toxic metals; excito-toxins in foods (i.e. aspartame in diet sodas) etc.

    Book stores and the Internet are replete with credible books and articles about these types of discussions. Thank you sincerely for yet another powerful and meaningful transmission. ~valerie~

  2. Meria says:

    thanks Val! I forwarded your note to Dr. Forrest, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it as much as I. One thing I’ve “known” all these years of doing my show is how to pick out topics that will keep things interesting and topics that are rarely covered elsewhere. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, as did I.

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    “The heart has ears” was a very powerful statement. Maybe that is why long-distance reiki works so well. It requires a personal softening of the heart; then, a heart-filled blast of reiki; and a willing softening by the recipient for everything to work.

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