Meria With Doctor Donald Miller – Avoid the Flu Shot Take Vitamin D3

D3 better than a Shot!

12/2/08 Meria Interviews Dr. Donald Miller, Cardiac Surgeon, Professor of Surgery at University of Washington, Seattle on the Flu vaccine vs. Vitamin D. dangers of the flu vaccine; 70% of doctors and health care practitioners REFUSE the flu vaccine; CDC pushes the flu shot due to financial ties to Big Pharma; flu deaths annually are around 1100, not 36,000; dangers of vaccinating babies; where are the safety studies? thimerosol and mercury; aluminum – a neurotoxin; formaldehyde – cancer causing; mercury still in flu shots for kids; Alzheimers and the flu shot; adverse reactions to the shots; sunshine or Vitamin D (D3); UVB rays; 15-20 minutes of sunshine; 5,000 units a day of D3; seasonability of the flu; and more info.


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2 Responses to "Meria With Doctor Donald Miller – Avoid the Flu Shot Take Vitamin D3"

  1. johnroarty says:

    Loving your extensive archives Meria. How poignient this show is from 2008 with all of this corona vaccination preparing madness going on. Wonderful information. Great stuff!

  2. Meria says:

    Yes, my archives are worth a million dollars!

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