Meria with Rick Simpson -Run From The Cure


11/18/15 Meria interviews Rick Simpson Author & activist on the healing properties of Cannabis. The movie on you tube: Run From the Cure; Instructions to make the oil and how to take it on Rick’s site; Rick is NOT connected to any company producing hemp oil. For more information visit: phoenixtears.ca – the only real Rick Simpson web site; are our bodies built to accept cannabinoids? endo-cannabinoid systems;hemp oil vs. hemp oil seeds;Smoking/vaping/ingesting;5,000 yr history of cannabis healing;hemp based economy;cannabis is sustainable;the rich elite suppress it;Rockefeller “medicine” vs. cannabis;chemo poisoning;driving and cannabis;imagine world leaders on cannabis;Justin Trudeau;Internal use – indica;what % of THC heals? CBD’s? what about color and texture? is it safe for animals? His two books are: The Rick Simpson Story and Nature’s Answer For Cancer.






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10 Responses to "Meria with Rick Simpson -Run From The Cure"

  1. ScottHall says:

    Very “memory insightful” show Meria. As you and Rick cited, the hypocrisy of cannabis use is still, even today, in the dark ages. The multiple benefits from the plant is unquestionable. It is the most versatile product in the world.
    The gross misfortune to the commercialization of this “miracle product” is the corporate world. The current system would collapse. A good thing if we want to reinitiate a new economy, but the people of the present corporate world will die defending the system.
    Even during the day of NORMAL, legalization made total and complete sense. And this was in the early seventies. Our thinking was, “it’s bound to be legalized soon.”
    Here we are, 45 years later, dealing with an illegal product, with the exception of the clinics. What’s really astonishing is, the male plant has very little to no THC. You cannot get high off of it! You could grow it like the wheat fields of the Midwest!
    Thank you for the “what could have been” world we should be living in. It truly keeps the focus on a much, much better life!

  2. Meria says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Like Rick said we’re old enough to know the world has gone to shit. Up is down, down is up.

  3. one4you says:

    Excellent Show. I do what I can to educate. I even shared Rick’s video days ago not knowing you were going to have him on the show. Talk about soul group thinking\cooperation!

  4. pbraunschweiler says:

    So far, Meria, this has been a fantastic week of shows! Your News Show, “Blood and Guts”, and now this one with Rick Simpson! As part Native American, (the part that I am SO proud of, and have done so much research in), I know that Cannabis is a natural cure for almost ALL ailments. I am very grateful to you and Rick Simpson for making this truth known. Rick Simpson said that it is a rational solution…Yes! Unfortunately it seems that the world is almost entirely controlled by irrational people. As far as Cannabis compared to Alcohol goes, hasn’t it already been proven that Alcohol kills brain cells? Maybe that’s one of the reasons one is “LEGAL” and the other one isn’t…A “dumbed down” population is much easier to control…just a thought

  5. Meria says:

    todays show is the topper!-Roger Stone.

  6. Meria says:

    that’s fabulous! Thank you. Like Sun Bear used to say “taking in knowledge for the sake of taking in knowledge is a waste of time. Knowledge becomes WISDOM when it’s shared”.

  7. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Essential oils, extracts, and powders made from so many plants are the way to go for our ill health conditions. Talk about achieving a true “be well” in an easy, safe, efficient, quick way, and at a small cost.

  8. guygirard says:

    Great Show Meria

    I have Rick’s Book , but i wish i would have known about this years ago.

    I suffered for 20 years from the colon, saw my doctor regularly 4 times a year did all the dam tests manytimes over and was diagnosed with IBS took drugs for many symptoms ect… had 2/3 of my hemriods removed in the 90’s and finaly they told me i had colon cancer on xmas day in 2013.
    Was opperated on in emergency jan 2014 because my colon was almost completely blocked from severe inflamation, so they gutted me like a fish and took 6 inches out. Then got home and found out i could pee from two places at the same time hehe they forgot to tell me i had a drain hole like 4 inches deep in between the stapples on my gut to let the fluids out during the Healing process . i had to clean that myself and redo the bandages myself with a mirror for 3 months and about 2 months in the surgeon reopened the hole from 1 inch to 3 inches by forcing a rod in there cold ….ouch is all i can say.

    I was rapped as a baby too in a Brit/German military hospital shortly after birth for the Mk ultra program. My parents where canadian military stationed in germany in 1967.
    I was chipped, injected with several lethal injections then rapped in their satanic rituals by a completely psychopath Mil doctor. I was highly psychic and empathic at birth so i was conscious of everything. I will save you the détails but needless to say i do not believe in the Luciferian deathcare system anymore. They failed to fracture my brain BTW however i was targetted all my life. I freed myself from it all these past years 🙂

    Have you interviewed this lady Meria, Jeanice Barcelo The Luciferian Medical System

    I can testify she knows what she is talking about from my experiences i remember my entire incarnation process from where i came from for this lifetime to making my lifeplan and soul contracts to being in the woob ect…since the 1990’s when i woke up

    Hugs Meria

  9. Meria says:

    I haven’t heard of her work, but if you can contact her to send me her book, I’ll review it. Sorry for what happened to you. I always say the only thing I trust medicine to do is kill us all.

  10. delroydmurray says:

    I was a little slow with the “made in a plant versus made from a plant”…. Good One…..

    I really enjoyed this show.

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