Meria with Nathan Runkle, Founder of Mercy For Animals

 1/31/18 Meria interviews one of her favorite heroes: Nathan Runkle, Founder and President of Mercy For Animals. Live your values;your voice matters;300 animals a second killed for food in USA;voiceless and choice-less;How he get started and why; willful ignorance of our industrial food system;9 billion animals killed a yr;cultural evolution; easy to live a healthy lifestyle; resource intensity; the film “What the Health”;SAD-standard American diet; where’s prevention in healthcare; sadness,depression;ethical lifestyle;Meatless Monday;no one’s perfect; love,compassion,empathy;lead by example;Standard agricultural practices; taking on the giants in the food industry;Get started at The Green Plate.com;cruelty free vs.fecal soup; clean meat and lots more.








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4 Responses to "Meria with Nathan Runkle, Founder of Mercy For Animals"

  1. Malamute says:

    Great show, what a lovely guy. When I became a Vegetarian 25 years ago there was a massive stigma attached to it – people really turned their noses up, Vegetarians were portrayed in the media as week and unhealthy, I set out to prove them wrong, pumping iron, studying, and I did a good job. There were nowhere near the options for non-meat eating available that we have today, and we’re behind the states in the UK on this front, but it’s a relative paradise. You went hungry many times back then, but I was strict. For the last 15 years or so I’ve told people I don’t eat meat and they didn’t even blink, even forgetting about it entirely.
    Becoming a Vegan was more difficult but Meria helped me through it, protein powder.

    The book I got my surname from 24 years ago, Hermetech, had everyone living in domes in a wasteland, and all the meat was vat grown, so it’s always been part of the agenda. You have to think that seeing as everything is consciousness then even vat grown meat is conscious. There’s something about having flesh in your system, it affects your emotions.
    In the end this is all coming from the cabal that runs our little farm here. Get to that and you change consciousness, change the world. Thank you for all the work being done by organisations like this. I still want to get to the point like that 70 year old they found living in the Indian jungles who hadn’t eaten for 30 years, living off what he described as bits of Mana floating in the ether all around us. One day.

  2. Meria says:

    Beautiful. I’m glad I was able to help!

  3. empeapod says:

    I’m spending the evening listening to a few of your shows. Such a pleasure.

    I went cold turkey (!) vegan and got very ill. I am now vegetarian and easing myself in, juicing and eating organic where I can to get as many nutrients as possible.

    I wholeheartedly concur that not eating meat changes your consciousness. I’m far more emotionally connected to the World around me, far more heart centered, but also feel far less anxious – I really believe that you eat the fear as well as the meat. My daughter has turned vegetarian and has found the same thing. This from a young lady whose anxiety was running her life.

    I have often wondered why fast food is mainly meat based. I now wonder if it part of a darker agenda and the consuming of flesh is part of a Satanic need for the rivers of blood to be constantly flowing… not only human blood. I think that by consuming it, we are being kept in low vibration – maybe you are more likely to agree to war/accept violence, if you are ingesting it?

    Making this World a more peaceful and loving place, absolutely starts with you.

    Thank you for a great show.

  4. Meria says:

    So glad you’re surfing the archives! Going veg is best when it’s done in increments. I’ve on my 19th year! Happy and healthy. Won’t participate in the slaughter or torture. You’d also
    love the shows with Will Tuttle, so put him in the search engine. I highly recommend his book “The World Peace Diet” as it addresses a lot of what you wrote about.

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