Hell and High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

6/8/21 Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli.

Chuck celebrates his 2,000th show; pants on backwards or on fire? Q and trumps “reinstatement”; Biden’s national voting law; Manchin; Biden’s DOJ defending trump? Merrick Garland and Oklahoma City; the system protects itself; the filibuster -tool of obstruction; back to paper? Bernie; Israel; Kamala Harris; same political lies and promises; free vaccine? free milk; GOP on investigation of Capitol insurrection; Gay Pride Month & DeSantis; Kaitlen Jenner; labels; trump is the disease and a symptom and lots more.



                                                           21st  Year on the net!


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Twenty first anniversary celebration of the Meria Heller Show!

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