Meria with Patricia Cori, author of Hacking The God Code

11/30/22 Meria Interviews author Patricia Cori on her latest (excellent) book: “Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul“. Part One.

The most important book of our time; What is the “God Code”? our DNA is a design of creation;nanotechnology; Big Pharma; corrupt governments running the planet into the ground; World Government; great reset; constant anxiety/fear 24/7 to wear us down; the spiritual effects of the “vaccine”; placebos; G20 taking their orders from unelected Schwab & Bill Gates; population reduction agenda; are these people human? Luciferian Agenda; AI; transhumanism agenda; they want obedient slaves; roll up your sleeve, ask no question; what’s on the swab? Pfizer’s trial test? evil cabal of non humans collaborating with govts; missing crown chakras; Genetically modified humans 2.0; hacking our DNA; WW3 already in motion against the entire human race; don’t despair there are things you can do; take back your sovereignty and more.




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