Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony – November Astrology

11/5/14 Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony – Astrology for November, looking better than October. Fireball in the sky; earthquake in Nevada;election madness;Mercury retro is gone;solar flares increasing in intensity;China’s [...]

Meria With Eileen Dannemann -Vaccine Liberation Army

5/15/12 Meria interviews Eileen Dannemann, Director of National Coalition of Organized Women and Founder of Vaccine Liberation Army. Why flu shots now? 75 cents of every flu shot goes to the National Vaccine Injury Fund, yet the vaccine companies [...]

Meria With Doctor Donald Miller – Avoid the Flu Shot Take Vitamin D3

12/2/08 Meria Interviews Dr. Donald Miller, Cardiac Surgeon, Professor of Surgery at University of Washington, Seattle on the Flu vaccine vs. Vitamin D. dangers of the flu vaccine; 70% of doctors and health care practitioners REFUSE the flu [...]