Meria With Eileen Dannemann -Vaccine Liberation Army

Just Say No

5/15/12 Meria interviews Eileen Dannemann, Director of National Coalition of Organized Women and Founder of Vaccine Liberation Army. Why flu shots now? 75 cents of every flu shot goes to the National Vaccine Injury Fund, yet the vaccine companies have immunity; the H1N1 shot – bioweapon? What is the invisible fence for America? Riegel Report; consequence management drill; vaccinating pregnant women and spontaneous abortions/stillbirths; 45 vaccines by the age of 6, then onto anti-psychotic meds; Mercury is a neurotoxin; OCD,ADD,ADHD, Bi-polar etc – vaccine induced injury; the Mayo Clinic; AJOG; CDC; vaccines and autism; 1 of 80 kids have autism; vaccine injury symptoms; vaccine exemptions (none in Mississippi) which to choose; Catholic Church lobbyists; a shot or your job; 25% of USA kids on psyche drugs; the great work of Dr. Yolande Lucire (see archives); what is cytochrome P450? Do you have it? get your stickers by writing ncowmail@gmail.com






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