Meria With Melanie Joy, Ph.D on Carnism

12/15/11 Meria interviews Melanie Joy, Ph.D on her excellent book “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows, An Introduction Carnism“. Learn how we have been psychologically pursuaded/taught to eat what we do; mind-control? John Robbins work; excuses or internalized justification? How we became vegetarian; animal agriculture; food labels we’d like to see; Belief system of carnism; conditioned to eat animals; psychology of meat eating; human values; objectification; traditions; ethical or psychological; invisability; human animals are the ultimate victims; the 3 N’s; spirituality; Will Tuttle’s work; see it outside the box; Melanie’s speaking tour; what or who you eat is a choice; the anger of awakening to injustice and how to handle it. Quite the interesting take on being mind programmed even when it comes to our diet.








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