Meria With Webster Tarpley on Romney and the Mormon Traditions

11/1/12 Meria interviews investigative journalist Webster Tarpley on his latest book a must read pre-election: “Just Too Weird, Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion” available in hard copy or ebook. Webster also wrote similar books on Obama. This one is a MUST and a final warning for Americans that love their country. the CIA Mormon Mafia and the assassination/stand down in Benghazi; Flip flopping “I love my faith” Mitt; the first non-christian president of the U.S.? No one mentions it. Mormonism is a separate religion and foreign country in the US; Billy Graham: “Beware of the non Christian cult, Mormonism”; Mormons anti-American agenda; hatred of Americans, Theocracy – Elohim of Planet Kolob; Men get a whole planet, women get to be sex slaves and blacks get to be servants in Mormon “heaven”; Poly-theism, Polygamists in our midst (Warren Jeffs); the White Horse Prophecy (is it Mitt?); the Council of 50; Smith & Young both convicted multiple times of TERROR and Treason; Mormon private armies; Deseret – an independent country; Ron Paul’s collusion with Mitt Romney -deregulation of marriage, destruction of social programs; Rand Paul a racist freemason; Paultards; John Birch Society a tentacle of Mormonism; Brent Scowcroft on 9/11; no military service; Huntsman – Romney’s cousin; Polygamy and slavery 1856; big whig Mormons in office, FBI,CIA, etc; the “Oath of Vengeance” against the U.S. George Romney is league with the Nazi’s; white supremists; Karl Rove a cryto-Mormon; Where Mitt gets his flipflopping ideas from and what we can expect under a Romney/Ryan administration. Don’t say a WORD until you’ve read this book yourself. *First time the word terrorist was used in America was by President Buchanan describing the Mormons. This is what Romney believes so it matters.




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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mormon tradition is revealed as no real religion but a cult invented by a charlatan, a disguise for a subversive ideology opposing all that is best in the American tradition. The British recruited Mormon leaders into their 19th century plot to break up the US, leading to the cult's strategic occupation of Utah territory. Mormonism has never abandoned its secrecy and its enmity to America. Mitt Romney is the hoped-for figure who will fulfill Mormon prophecy and take over the United States. This book provides warning insights into a possible Romney presidency by exploring over 182 years of Latter-day Saints tradition. As Romney is a notorious liar and flip-flopper, it is useless to examine his political positions at any given moment. He attempts to pose as an ultra-patriot, but his family considered the barbaric Mormon practice of polygamy more important than loyalty to the United States. Romney spent years attempting to recruit for the cult, in which black Americans were regarded as inferior. Although Romney demands an aggressive foreign policy, nobody in his family every served this country in uniform - although at least one ancestor fought against the Union in the attempted 1857 Mormon secession of Utah. As president, Romney would rely on and build up the Mormon Mafia in the intelligence community. He might try to carry out Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith's apocalyptic White Horse Prophecy, which calls for a Mormon takeover of the United States, followed by a campaign to conquer the world for their theocracy. Every voter needs to read this book.
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2 Responses to "Meria With Webster Tarpley on Romney and the Mormon Traditions"

  1. Andy Buchan says:

    Excellent show. Just as an afterthought, Webster mentions the philosopher Nietzsche towards the end of the interview & he does so in the manner many tend to talk of Nietzsche — yes the Nazis made a play of some of Nietzsche’s ideas, but the key words being “play” and “some”. For they the Nazis are famous for misappropriating Nietzsche’s Work, taking his ideas out of context and using one sentence while completely ignoring the surrounding passage. Yes, one of Nietzsche’s ideas was “the superman” and yes, the Nazis did use this, but, trust me, Nietzsche was an absolute treasure trove of ideas & the superman was but one idea among many. For Nietzsche is by far and away the most misunderstood of all the great thinkers — I have been reading him some 17 years and can only report that 99.9% of all that is spoken of him is absolute rubbish. The reality is that his ACTUAL ideas are far too dangerous unto the modern status-quo; those in power know to keep the population ignorant of him.
    Anyway, sorry to be so verbose — this was a brilliant expose of the Mormons; just wanted to defend Nietzsche — A Mormon Nietzsche is Not!!!

  2. Meria says:

    thanks for sharing that! Yes, Webster did a great job.

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