Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization

11/15/11 Meria with Melvin Goodman, Senior Fellow -Center for International Policy with 42 years of Govt Service, Intel, CIA Whistleblower, writer and more. Why did he resign from the CIA? Robert Gates, William Casey – distortion of intelligence; [...]
Gore Vidal

Golden Oldie: Meria With Gore Vidal-Stolen Elections

6/24/11 Solid Gold from the Meria Heller Show. Meria interviewed Gore Vidal on 6/13/05 on the stolen elections in Ohio and everywhere. Gore is an author,playright and actor. the 2004 Presidential election is discussed; Ohio in 04 a duplicate [...]
Nazi's Everywhere!

Meria With John Loftus – America’s Nazi Secret

6/7/11 Meria interviews John Loftus, former US government prosecutor, former Army officer, author of many books on his latest “America’s Nazi Secret“. 1/3 of modern history is classified! Nazi’s on the CIA payroll dumped [...]
Ken Lenke, Veteran,Author

Solid Gold: Meria With 2 WW2 Veterans – John Brand & Ken Lenke

3/18/11 From the golden vault of the Meria Show is an excellent interview with two brave WW2 Veterans – John Brand and Ken Lenke. Hear these brave educated souls talk about WW2 and today. The Patriot Act, the loss of freedom, and similarities [...]
Tesla for the Birds?

Meria With Jim Marrs – Trillion Dollar Conspiracy

1/5/11 Another great interview with Meria Heller & Jim Marrs, objective reporter on his book “The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy”. Why are birds and fish dying? What happened to the missile off California? Willful ignorance and [...]