Meria with Paul Armentano – NORML

3/4/14 Meria interviews Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML-National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws; His latest book: Marijuana is Safer:So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?; the rights of the cannabis consumer; medical marijuana; [...]

Meria With Danny Schechter ‘Madiba A to Z, The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela’

2/12/14 Meria interviews Danny Schechter, News Dissector on his latest book “Madiba A to Z, The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela”. This book shows you all sides of this great man; Nelson’s tribal clan;what we don’t know [...]

Meria With former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

11/19/13 Meria interviews former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern. We discuss everything from JFK to Ed Snowden. Ray was assaulted at Hillary Clinton event while she spoke of freedom of expression (71 yrs old); Receiving the Soviet Union treatment; [...]

Meria With Karen Tumlin – Immigration Reform Needed Now!

9/11/13 Meria interviews Karen Tumlin, Managing Attorney for the L.A. office of the National Immigration Law Center. With Syria in the news immigration reform is getting pushed to the back of the bus, but we need it now. Congress needs to move [...]

Meria With Janette Flint Robinson -Black Women for Wellness

7/30/13 Meria interviews Janette Flint Robinson, Executive Director of Black Women for Wellness on reproductive justice.What is reproductive justice? Trust black women; keep abortion legal; women need to have control over their own bodies; health [...]