What a true hero looks like.

Meria With Nathan Runkle – Mercy For Animals

2/4/14 Meria interviews her favorite hero Nathan Runkle, founder of Mercy for Animals. How they came to be; 15th anniversary this year! what is thumping? male chicks and the egg industry; are dogs biological garbage? Russia thinks so; slaughterhouses [...]

Meria with Nathan Runkle – Mercy For Animals

  11/9/11 Meria with Nathan Runkle, Executive Director of Mercy For Animals, two times winner of “Non-Profit of The Year” award. Concealed animal abuse; making it illegal to photograph abuse (not the abuse); making compassionate [...]

Meria With Nathan Runkle “Fowl Play”

12/16/09 Meria interviews her favorite hero, Nathan Runkle of Mercy For Animals on his latest film “Fowl Play, The Untold Story Behind Your Breakfast“. The American egg industry;the shock value of the film; 200 million hens suffer each [...]