Send In the Clowns – Laurel Canyon Continues..

Laurel Canyon, California

9/19/08 All new episode of “Send In the Clowns” With Meria and her co-host Dave McGowan. Dave’s site is exploding, be patient; Obama’s missing years and Understanding the F Word; was he in grooming? the upcoming “election”; McCain’s POW years; Psycho Sarah; Who did Palin endorse? (it wasn’t McLame); the Mansons & neighboring Canyon stories; Rustic Canyon – what did Dave find? Dennis Wilson and the Mansons – what did he know and why did he die? the Nazi commune of Rustic Canyon; Charlie Manson – rock star? Who was Ed Doheny? What happened to his son? (the movie Meria tried remembering is “Rose Red” by Stephen King); Two other Laurel Canyonites: Jerry Brown and Mike Curb.


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