Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan-Wagging the Moondoggie Part 2

10/28/09 Latest episode of Send In the Clowns with Meria & Dave. Just look at the pictures and you will know we were lied to- wagging the moondoggie indeed; mylar as a radiation shield; Russia’s probe -freeform abstract sculpture? NASA’s recent moon “bomb”; where were the plumes? Is this the same agency that “landed” on the Moon 40 years ago? LRO – satellites – why no pics? non pressurized suits; chest mounted manual 60’s cameras? How did that happen? radiation and film; crosshairs in photos, some disappeared, how? the moon is not the Earth? Rover couldn’t have fit into the module; folded up? see the pics to disbelieve; why no stars in ANY pictures? Armstrong handed a script; patriotic symbols filmed fine; meteoroids; space bullets; did we actually go to the Moon?


Wagging the Moon Doggie

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