Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan – Wagging the Moon Doggie

the Hunk of Junk on the Moon?

1/5/10 Latest “Send In the Clowns” with Meria & Dave McGowan. Reactions to Dave’s Moon series, why the violent reaction? the moon mission and Laurel Canyon; Are the military children rock groups and the Apollo missions connected? No repeat performance in over 4 decades; Moon photo analysis; Dave’s excellent photography; Gemini astronauts vs. Apollo astronauts (photos); Apollo 13 – why no spacesuits if they were freezing? Why the difference in weight of the suits then and now? where did they store the folding land rover? Lunar Orbiter Program; Where are the missing pics? few pics from Apollo 9; Neil Armstrong-was he the best photographer of all time? Russia’s Moonwalker; LBJ “Control space, control the world”; Lookout Mtn Lab in Laurel Canyon processed video and photos of Moon; no steering mechanisms on modules; were the modules tested? Apollo 10 -cut fuel amount; slowing down the footage; and more “stuff”.


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