Meria with Producer Art Olivier on Ley Lines and False Flags


7/22/14 Meria  interviews Art Olivier, Producer of “Operation Terror” on his recent work. In false flags bodies are killed prior to crash (Ukraine, 911); always a lack of evidence and trial; rush to get rid of evidence (9/11/01); the lies of the phone calls on 9/11; 2 planes not decommissioned until years later; no parts with serial numbers; no debris at Shanksville (plenty in Ukrainian crash); His travel to Iran; his movie on Rachel Corrie;the play suppressed in NYC by Israeli groups; Gaza is just a prison;what do Sandy Hook, Boston, Denver Airport,Columbine, Cuicuilco,Stonehenge  and the WTC have in common? Freemasonry and Satanic worship, sacrifices; 9/11/1847 -Freemasons attack with human sacrifices to boot; Pentagon’s occult numbers and what they mean;Flight 77 and it’s meaning;sacrifice in Brazil at Kiss nightclub ;Church of Satan key lines & US schools; Sedona amphitheater;Denver Intl’s swastika shaped runways;Mark Taylor and Columbine;what goes on above the 18th level of freemasonry? the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.






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6 Responses to "Meria with Producer Art Olivier on Ley Lines and False Flags"

  1. michaelm says:

    Meria, what a mind blowing show! This show was very reminiscent of the show you did two years ago about “The Most Dangerous Book In the World” Many of the same numbers involved. Fortunately the second part of that book did not come true (perhaps because you exposed their agenda on your show, and the book.). Keep these great shows coming. I am telling all of my awake, and semi-awake friends to subscribe. Much love to you, Mike

  2. Meria says:

    count on it! Thank you!!!

  3. par1 says:


  4. jacgan says:

    Great show Meria. Thank you.

  5. weeze1219 says:

    Hi Meria,

    Great show! I couldn’t believe it when you said the hour was up! Time is relative, so engrossing shows do seem to go by fast, but that was ridiculous! Sure you weren’t in a wormhole? :O)

  6. Meria says:

    I know! It flew!

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