Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood


5/26/15 Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood. Rising costs of living and dying in the US; Dave mcGowan-justifiable paranoia; help Dave with a donation here www.davesweb.cnchost.com; Bob Marley, Peter Tosh assassinated by CIA; Memorial Day; US & ISIS; TTIP and the TPP;fast track and the Patriot Act;Texas storms-unintended consequences of weather manipulation? HAARP dismantled;Why In the World Are They Spraying – film that must be seen; Vulture capitalists;Calif. land grab; Jade Helm -San Diego & Texas “hostile territories”; 7 yr cycles;can you trust Gov. Abbot? biggest drill in history; Boston &Baltimore practice;Soros and paid infiltrators; conditioning the public;Jeb Bush; PAC money & “elections”; stalking horses; Bernie Sanders; the Duggars;phony conservatives;Ireland and same-sex marriage;56 million Americans without representation;Clinton-Gates foundations and late night tv. Great show.







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