True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney,M.S.

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9/29/15 True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney,M.S., physicist, mathematician;Mercury retrograde and the Blood/Blue Moon;Communications affected Skype, F/B, my town -owned by C.I.A., the police force of the World bank;entering a cycle of controlled communication;why did NASA time the “discovery” on Mars for the Blood Moon? The Pope’s visit-agenda: climate change? Vatican’s banking system & Rothschilds;Vatican’s telescope-they knew about Hale Bopp in 1991;does the govt use astrological events for their own nefarious purposes? 9/23 a prime date;water on Mars? Venus; Baal and the devil worshippers in charge -Mars is the planet of Baal;NASA’s disinformationPope like all public figures are figureheads;UN agenda;Windsors are Rothschilds;Battenberg’s; Queen’s worth;Bitcoin-why is it allowed?NSA10/Windows 10 and more.






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3 Responses to "True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney,M.S."

  1. shaun7 says:

    Wow, that was crazy, guessing Jim will be back AFTER 9th Oct lol

  2. ScottHall says:

    Fantastic, thought provoking show Meria! To see how the system is breaking apart in “real time” says volumes about your/our communication ability.
    As Jim gravitates to, this is all planned. It is a coordinated takedown that has been in the works for a long time. By using the blood moon, mercury retrograde, the shemitah, water on Mars, the Pope’s (Vatican controls 30% of the world’s wealth with the House of Rothschild as Ministers of the Treasury) siding with Agenda 2030 and the power failures, one can ascertain that, all within this past week, is accelerating at 86, 386 miles per second.
    Will the government shutdown 10/1? I’ve heard nothing from the government employees in DC. regarding resolution. Just Speaker Boehner weeping during the Pope’s speech.
    Will the plunge protection team be able to keep the markets up today/tomorrow? Glencore, Deushe Bank are both in collapse mood, much like a Lehman Brothers moment in 2008.
    Will the release of water on Mars plant the meme that life is abundant in the Universe? As Jim resonates, this has been long known and central to the illuminati elite to reveal their true nature as Satanists.
    Great relational experience story on cash Meria. This will be the test for all of us; if or when the possibility of the “grid goes down”. Best advise is your advice: do not fear the future…
    Thank you!

  3. Meria says:

    thanks. He’ll be back next month AFTER the retrograde…I thought it was pretty fabulous information for sure. Relational experience? Are there any other kinds? lol

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