True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney, M.S.


10/14/15 True Science Hour with Meria and Physicist James McCanney, M.S.; The ruse of our political process; Hillary most dangerous person in the world; Next President;Pope’s visit symbolic; UN agendas to bring in worldwide communism and one workforce worldwide;Couldn’t get past pedophilia to announce alien contact;Bluebook project;Whitley Strieber;govt. disinformation/misinformation programs;Vatican’s telescope in Arizona;Baal worshippers;”Mars Attack”;Pluto;Zechariah Sitchin’s work;Wormwood-water poisoner;Heaven’s Gate a software group, mass murder not mass suicide? Hollywood’s role in forming public opinion;Skywatch; MUFON;Disclosure Project all infiltrated;shape shifters;climate change-control;Pope in Bolivia; who’s got the money? lots more.







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6 Responses to "True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney, M.S."

  1. ScottHall says:

    Jim has a very interesting take on the Pope’s proposed agenda – people suppression-aliens-pedophiles-gay folks. All “hot button” issues of emotional/sensitive positions that are highly reactive. Having read Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” (1986), it shakes your “once believed” position on the outer limits of the twilight zone, while giving you an insight on the experienced “unseen” worlds.
    Spot on about Mars Jim! It’s a programming. They are waaaaay advanced on its study and knowledge. The “balloon landing” land rover on Mars is like the Apollo 11 lunar landing; probably filmed in southern Nevada. The current Pluto Photoshop Show is also a question of validity or is it a diversion of attention from the real issues..
    I always questioned heavens gate too! The purple feet and the perfectly covered symbolized body blankets with the suicide videos wanting to “follow a comet” to heaven, made no sense. Jim’s explanation of alien communication via developed software DOES make sense.
    Climate change is a ruse to tax the people, just as Christine Laggard of the IMF is trying to levy a carbon tax right now on Europe. The TPP and TTIP are a corporate tool to privatize water. Agenda 2030 in formation..
    Religion and Polities: prison of the mind; divide and rule. Choose accordingly as a “best fit”..
    Great “mind expanding” show Meria! It gives one the “mental break” necessary to deal in this false reality….

  2. Meria says:

    thanks, now you can understand all the interference when I try to interview him. Luckily my intuition has kept me from all the shape shifting phonies out there.

  3. partree2 says:

    Meria,great show!
    Jim’s explanation of this knowledge is key in understanding our physical relation to the solar system we find ourselves within.
    More candy for the mind that embraces and celebrates truth!

  4. clintcaverne says:

    Another great show Meria with Jim McCanney. He is very informative and intelligent and together you and he tell the Real News not on the Fake News Channel. Thanks again.

  5. Meria says:

    thank you. I thought it was excellent too.

  6. Meria says:

    thank you!

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