Conversations with David, Meria & David Icke

 7/18/17 Conversations with David. Meria and David Icke. So called progressives are actually tyrannical; liberals;political correctness and “new speak” (Orwell); divide and rule; labels dividing us further;group think is group judgement; inversions everywhere;Macron/Schumer silencing criticism of Israel;paranoia/fear and self censorship; Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau;identity politics; the arrogance of ignorance; mass mind control; the loss of self awareness; the isolation of social media (another inversion); the individual and perceptions;Hamburg riots at G20 – paid provocateurs; amping up the police state; energy fields; the act and power of non-participation.






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  1. gaston says:

    Interesting show, as they always are with David. I don’t like to put labels on myself because if you do you’re forcing yourself to defend those labels which often stand in the way of “free think.” Having said that, if forced to self-identify with any such label it would be with that of a “progressive.” MY OWN (and in my opinion the correct version), and definitely not the one of the picture that David is painting of “fake progressives.” But let’s not pretend that the May/Trump version of “the right” objects to political correctness because it stands in the way of an honest debate. Trump and company don’t want freedom of speech. They want freedom to insult. And they should have that freedom, but let’s call it what it is.

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