Golden Oldie: Meria With Craig Hulet – Understanding Guerrilla Warfare

Can't Win Guerilla Warfare

2/11/11 From the Golden Vault of the Meria Heller Show is an interview Meria did with Craig Hulet, author of The Hydra of Carnage. Whether it’s Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt the reasons Empire cannot defeat guerrilla warfare. Show opens with Paris Vs. George Bush; the delusions of Empire; after 9/11 we played right into their hands; the problem when you don’t have people with military backgrounds running a war; our loss in Vietnam is it relevant? guerrillas-survival is their main thrust; who’s interests are we fighting for? Can we fight empire? political illiteracy and the dangers of it. This was aired 9/4/03 and still holds up today with the world situation. Understanding this is key.


The Hydra of Carnage: Bush's Imperial War-making and the Rule of Law describes the events of 9/11 in a different light, arguing America was hit because of the perception of people throughout the world that America leads a new kind of Empire. An American-led empire whose ideology is Corporatism; where of the 100 largest economies in the world, America being the largest, 55 are monopoly corporations. Congressman Jack Metcalf stated regarding Mr. Hulet's ongoing research and analysis the following: "Craig Hulet has been an invaluable advisor. Whether the issue is MAI, GATT, NAFTA, or the more general question of the growing power of transnational corporations over our institutions and everyday lives, Mr. Hulet provides a heavily researched, coldly logical analysis where others too often delve with emotion, biases, and disinformation. His work should be widely disseminated. His conclusions should be very carefully considered." Three (of the 20 plus chapters and appendices)chapters describe what Hulet sees as an evolution from classical terrorism into an International Urban Guerrilla Warfare; the targets were key to understanding this and why America will be hit again. Hulet is considered one of the better informed experts in his field, once described by Rita Rich (Producer for Jim Bohannon)as follows: "Fasten your seatbelts when you start reading Hulet's Human, All-Too-Human, Hulet. Craig is a man who I call for expert advice on surviving Y2K, international and domestic terrorism, and white supremacy, (to name a few topics.) Now I'll have to call on him to interpret the whim of the American public."
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