Meria With Scott Stevens on Chemtrails

4/23/13 Meria has often referred to the info in this interview with Scott Stevens, the Weatherman, now here it is from the golden vault. This show was recorded and aired 6/29/05 and stands up today. Show opens with “Lines In the Sky”; [...]
Me & David

Conversations with David – Meria with David Icke

8/30/11 Conversations With David with Meria & David Icke continues. Today we go in depth on Fukishima , the economic crash worldwide, the radiation agenda.the Strauss-Kahn affair and Sarkozy; problem-reaction-solution – the London [...]
Meria & Jim - Chicago 2006

Meria With Jim Fetzer

8/23/11 Meria talks with Jim Fetzer today about everything! Check out Jim’s blog too; Sovereign States vs. Obama; When did Gaddafi becomes an enemy? Mission Accomplished: Saddam taken out by Chris Wachter in a strategic strike, double [...]

Meria with The Late, Great Jerry E. Smith – HAARP – 2nd Interview

7/21/11 From the Golden Oldies Vault comes the second interview Meria did with the late Jerry E. Smith on HAARP. To understand the weather, chemtrails and Tesla you have to understand HAARP. This interview was originally aired 4/23/03 and still [...]
Blue Moon

Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony

7/6/11 “Stars R Us” with Meria & Joseph Anthony .Dust storm in Phoenix, Land grabs in USA; who benefits? HAARP; another awakening this month;let go of old belief systems; Bilderbergs argue; Pluto in Capricorn;tsunami -Cornwall-EMP? [...]