Dovey Johnson Roundtree

Meria With Katie McCabe – Justice Older Than the Law

7/31/12 Meria Interviews Katie McCabe, award winning writer, co-author with Dovey Johnson Roundtree of “Justice Older Than the Law”. Dovey is an American treasure, yet many don’t know of her courageous life. Dovey defended [...]

Solid Gold: Meria With Lawrence Rowe Jr “Tempus Fugit”

    11/10/11 One of Meria’s FAVORITE interviews and Books! Lawrence Rowe Jr author of “Some Men Are Great In Any Time, Tempus Fugit”. Suppose Washington, Jefferson and Franklin re-awaken in 2001? How they view our country? [...]
Alexandra Paul - Actress & Activist

Meria With Alexandra Paul – Baywatch Star and Activist

8/2/11 Meria Heller interviews Alexandra Paul, Star of hit series “Baywatch” and over 75 movies. Today’s show  highlights  her activism and environmentalism.Her activism began as a child and hasn’t stopped; wrote Nixon [...]
Miracle Man!

Meria With William Rodriguez – A true hero of 9/11/01

5/19/11   Meria interviews “the last man out” of 9/11/01 – William Rodriguez – HERO. This is a very intense show. “remember remember the 11th of September, the day of our government’s treason”; William [...]
Ken Lenke, Veteran,Author

Solid Gold: Meria With 2 WW2 Veterans – John Brand & Ken Lenke

3/18/11 From the golden vault of the Meria Show is an excellent interview with two brave WW2 Veterans – John Brand and Ken Lenke. Hear these brave educated souls talk about WW2 and today. The Patriot Act, the loss of freedom, and similarities [...]