Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan -Laurel Canyon continues…

Jim Morrison - Dead or Alive?

8/22/08 A new episode of “Send In the Clowns” with co-host Dave McGowan. The Laurel Canyon story continues; every nafarious group in conspiracy circles passed through; PNAC crowd; Rolling Stones & Laurel Canyon; Satanism & the Stones; Sonny Bono’s “death”; Marlon Brando’s family murder/suicides; Ricky Nelson’s strange plane crash; Elvis partial connection to LC; Is he really dead? Was Jim Morrison’s death faked? Phil Hartman and Laurel Canyon – his pal “Squeaky Fromm”; Who killed John Lennon? John Beluschi and Bob Woodward? John Denver-Roswell-EST; Harry Nilsson; Tim Hardin’s death; Who was Albert Wohlstetter? Vito the freak and the Rockefellers; and more.


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2 Responses to "Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan -Laurel Canyon continues…"

  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Bill Siddons, a manager for The Doors was Squeaky’s high school prom date or boyfriend at Redondo High too. Also,I think that Owen Elliot, Cass’ daughter was supposedly Jimi Hendrix’ love child with Mama. A story that I read in Preston Nichols’ ‘Music in Time’ book – he was the writer of ‘The Montauk Project’ concerning Jim Morrison was that he did have some sort of overdose in Paris and that he didn’t die, but was left with little or no brain left and since that doesn’t sell records – brain-dead not as sexy as just dead – Jim was kept out of sight and kept in a drooling, overweight and lost state somewhere in New Jersey. A lot of the Laurel folk pop up in his book, which talks about the ‘special touch’ given to recordings at Camp Hero, NY. It gave a whole new twist to ‘The Wall of Sound’ and it’s programming intent. Love these shows – you two are hilarious! Bruce Campbell is my favorite actor so it’s ‘Bubbahotep’ tonight !

  2. Andi S says:

    The weird thing about the Sonny Bono ski accident was that a few weeks later, one of the Kenndy’s (Michael) died the same way about the same time.

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