Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove


1/27/15 Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove. Technocracy. Richards interview/video with William Binney, 36 yr veteran of the NSA, Whistleblower;the demise of privacy and rights in the US and worldwide;all planned;Stasi totalitarian govt;state has monopoly on force;no transparency;Why did Binney resign and come forth? What happened to him as a result? Ed Snowden? “Stellar Wind”; “Total Information Awareness”; is encryption safe? anything? growing the budget out of surveillance; changing behavior by paranoia; who benefitted on 9/11? Contractors boom – $1 trillion; British agenda rebranded; Operation Gladio-ran by the US/UK for 60 yrs – now Gladio B; “The Terror Factory”; journalists and sources; AI software;plan in motion over 100 yrs; meta data used to kill people;Kindle “books”; EMP; standing army; WW1 & WW2; What can we do? See Rich’s video here: Interview with William Binney.






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